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What Can I Do If Track Does Not Download?

If you encounter any issues on site you need to contact immediately.

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How Do I Purchase/Buy A Instrumental/Beat(s)?

The process for buying a instrumental/beat is very simple. First you need to find the Instrumental/beat you want to buy on the page. Once you've found the beat you want to purchase, you'll see the following two options to choose from:

[ ] MP3 File - Price Varies Per Genre
[ ] WAV File - Price Varies Per Genre
[ ] Exclusive Rights - Price Varies Per Genre
You Can Contact NachoMusicProductions If you Have Any Questions.

Click any checkbox for the version you want to buy.  After you have chosen the audio files you want to purchase, click the "Proceed" button. This will take you to a PayPal page. Here you can log into your PayPal account if you have one, or if you don't have a PayPal account you can just use your debit or credit card without ever having to sign up or sign in to PayPal. To do this, just choose the option below the PayPal login that says, (Don't have a PayPal account) Pay with your debit or credit card as a PayPal guest. Follow the instructions within PayPal to make your payment.

After you've completed your payment, your order confirmation will be displayed with the Download for your Instrumental/Beat(s). Clicking the link, you will be taken to your download page where you will be able to download your instrumental/beat(s).

Can I Download Or Use Music From This Site Without Permission?

Copying Or Stealing of any audio material Or Information found on site is prohibited and illegal. Legal Action will be taken if these terms are violated.

All Rights Reserved

What Are Mp3 Files?

Mp3 are audio files that have an Audio Quality of (128 kbps). The file you receive is a Untagged Stereo Quality Mp3 Format File.

How Do I Give Credit To The Producer?

In any o your projects that you use and Instrumental/Beat(s) from this site, be sure to give credit in any of the following formats:
  • Produced By:  (
  • Beat By:           (
  • Music By:         (

What Are Tracked Audio Files?

Tracked out audio files are also called stems. They are a separate file foe each channel of your mixer or mix. Here are examples: and instrumental/beat(s) might have 8 stems:
  • Bass
  • Bongo
  • Guiro
  • Kick
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Effect Instruments
  • Etcc..
Each One is separate. Bass on channel 1, Guiro Channel 2, Kick Channel 3, etcc. All Stems are the full duration of the instrumental/Beat(s) and can be fully mixed (w/Accompanied Vocals) together to recreate the full stereo surround mix.

Although all of our Instrumentals/Beat(s) come already professionally mixed. Depending on the artist's vocals and or the sound of the album being recorded, adjustments may be made such as volume be made in before the final mastering stage. With tracked out audio files (stems) the adjustments can be made much more easily and accurately.

How Do I Record My Vocals On The Instrumental/Beat(s)?

We not offer any recording services. Here are some examples of ways to record your lyrics to on the Instrumental/Beat(s).

  • Go on your computer and search google for a good local Recording Studio in your area. It can get expensive but you will have a professional sounding recording that will put you very close to the competition. Call the studio and find out what they can offer you. 
  • Ask a friends, family or anyone you may know that's in music. The person you may find might have a Home Recording Studio and you could record your vocals there.
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